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Click here for Dyana's Hairdreams Fusion Extension Video.

Click here for Dyana's Hairdreams Nano Extension Video.

Click here for Dyana's Natural Beaded Row Video.

Click here for Dyana's Tape In Video

Click here for Dyana's Seamless Extensions Video.

Now that you've learned about what luxury hair extensions Dyana offers, it's time to view some of her incredible transformations! 

Click the button below to view Dyana's portfolio. 

Hair Extension Prices

Custom Clip in Hair Extensions Start at $250

Tape In "Hot Head"s start at $600

Hand Tied Extension Wefts start at $800

HairDreams Extensions start at $1250

Seamless Extensions start at $600

*Deposit is 50% and non-refundable. This is not a wholesale hair company.

*no refunds will be given after hair extension installation.

*cancellation policy: within 24 hours 50% of labor charge.

"No Show" 75% and after 2nd no show, no other appointments will be offered.



  • Sort through your hair with your fingers from the roots to the ends on a daily basis.
  • Carefully brush your hair every day with your hair extension brush. Always hold on to the roots of your own hair while brushing.


  • Before shampooing brush the strands well with your extension brush.
  • Then rinse hair and shampoo starting from the roots to the ends. Do not rub or scratch.
  • Finally rinse the hair thoroughly from top to bottom.
  • Apply conditioner and distribute evenly and gently from top to bottom
  • Do not rub or scratch.
  • Leave on for about 5 minutes - extend the leave-in time up to 20 minutes as needed.
  • Rinse thoroughly.


After washing carefully, towel-dry hair gently without rubbing. Next, blow-dry the bondings first and then the hair. Caution: Extreme heat can damage and dry out your extension hair. Always use a heat protection spray for protection.


Always tie your hair together or put it in a braid before you go to sleep in order to prevent your hair from matting. Braid for sporting events and windy situations.


Always protect your hair with a leave in conditioner before swimming. Tie your hair or put it in a braid. After swimming, open the braid, carefully sort through it with your fingers and dry the bonding points with a towel. 

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