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Micro Lines by HairDreams

VOLUME PLUS video long ver​sion

Even if your own hair is sparse, a glorious mane of hair is not an impossible dream. The perfect solution for sparse hair on the crown of the head, for hair that is too fine or thin or bald patches on the crown of the head is provided by Hairdreams Microlines.

Micro Lines is a revolutionary new technique in hair replacement. With Micro Lines, Special Quality hair is applied thoroughly by hand onto micro fine threads. These micro lines are then bound together to build a sort of net, surrounded by a fine "bonding Ring".

The Micro Line is then attached to your hair and secured with the HairDreams machine. This service will last between 4-6 weeks before the clients needs to have an adjustment. The effect is a thicker, fuller head of hair with more volume.

Please call Dyana at 843.875-4588

to schedule your free consultation.

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